When was exo showtime

When was exo showtime?

Exo’s Showtime (Hangul: Exo’s ???) is a reality TV show South Korean starring members of the boy band EXO, was issued by the pay channel MBC Every 1 from 28 November 2013 until 13 February 2014.

Does exo have a documentary?

Exo’s Showtime is a South Korean documentary starring the boy group Exo.

Why is EXO on hiatus?

2020–2021: Focus on solo activities and group’s special album. In February 2020, SM Entertainment revealed that Exo would prioritize solo and sub-unit activities in 2020 due to multiple members being on hiatus to fulfill their mandatory military service.

How many episodes of EXO are there in Showtime?

2013 ? 12 Episodes Season 1 of EXO’s Showtime premiered on .

Who in EXO is in jail?

Ex-EXO member, Kris Wu sentenced to 13 years in prison for sexual assault; details inside. Kris Wu’s appeal against a preliminary ruling was denied by a Chinese court. The former EXO member receives a 13-year sentence for sexual assault.

Does EXO believe in god?

However, Suho mentioned that he is a Buddhist. While Chanyeol and Sehun are Christians evidently. (Chanyeol is following a Christian church worship ministry and he also posted an ig video where he was singing a Christian worship song.

Is BTS close to EXO?

Originally Answered: Are BTS and EXO friends? Yes. Despite what the newbie fans are saying. They are friends.